Teno Anma

Teno anma literally means "to calm with the hands".

Teno Anma, or Japanese hand massage, is a traditional Japanese massage that is an integral part of the world of Anma, ancestor of Shiatsu.

Soft and stimulating massage, its purpose is to harmonize the body and to gain in serenity. It improves sleep quality, regulates heart rate and breathing.
On a physical level, it relaxes the muscle mass of the hands, which is extremely stressed in daily life, and restores flexibility to the joints.

It is advised to practice Teno Anma at a regular pace in order to optimize its effects on metabolism.

40 mn

40 €

Diane Shiatsu - 10 rue du Cdt Pilot 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - diane-shiatsu@orange.fr

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