Sarasvati massage

Sarasvati massage is derived from Ayurveda. It is a relaxing belly massage. It takes its name from the Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom. The evocation of this goddess indicates that it is reserved for women, cradle of life, but there is no religious connotation for practitioners.

This gentle, deep and comforting massage relaxes the ventral area. It detoxifies the liver, releasing the stomach, promoting the elimination of toxins and liquids. It also optimizes the functioning of the internal organs, especially the reproductive system. It is also recommended to relieve pain during periods.

It helps to eliminate the tension in the stomach related to stress and is particularly recommended for women prone to nervousness.

30 mn

35 €

Diane Shiatsu - 10 rue du Cdt Pilot 92200 Neuilly sur Seine -

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