Also called "Long Life Medicine", Do-In has its source in the Chinese tradition, where it was known as Tao-Inn (Tao: the Way and Inn: to receive), and was practiced in the context of family life; the expression Do-In is however Japanese.

Do-In is a Japanese health gymnastics practice based on breathing, self-massage, flexibility and stretching exercises. It is an art, both a technique and a way to get to know oneself better and to live in better harmony with others.

It can be practiced without risk and by everyone, including children; it does not require any accessories; movements are carried out in full consciousness, always remaining concentrated; a large part must be allowed to breath which must accompany each movement.

Regularity in practice is crucial; the one-hour programme I am offering is not rigid and adapts to everyone's needs. The session also includes the practice of Makko-Ho exercises, specific stretches for each pair of energy meridian. At the end of the session, you will receive a booklet allowing you to reproduce the exercises practiced at home.

70 € whatever the number of participants (maximum 6 people)

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