Chi Nei Tsang

The abdomen is referred to in Chinese medicine as the second brain of our body. The Taoists consider that it is the center of our emotions. Chi Nei Tsang, derived from Qi Qong, is a technique that aims to release negative energies concentrated in the abdomen and harmonize emotions.

The treatment is performed on the abdomen with both deep and light touches, in order to accustom the internal organs to work more efficiently as well as all the vital systems of the body: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, bony, muscular, including the system of the meridians of acupuncture. Emotional charges are also approached in this way and gradually digested.

Even if the treatment is carried out directly on the belly skin, only the abdomen is exposed, the client remains clothed. It is recommended to wear light cotton clothing, and avoid tight underwear or tights.

Avoid making an appointment within an hour of eating.

70 €

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